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3 Challenges Faced By IT Recruiters In USA Today

IT Staffing

IT is one of the biggest fields globally, and is growing exponentially. This means there’s a constant recruit requirement; however, talent acquisition in this field has plenty of challenges. With technological advancement progressing at god-speed, there are plenty of challenges that HR guys or staffing companies catering to this business face. We’re pointing out a few of them:

  • Constant demand, not supply: The unemployment rate for IT professionals is very low; this is great news for prospective employees, but not so much for employers and staffing solutions agencies. The demand outweighs the talent at disposal, which many times, isn’t up to the mark.
  • Increased Costs: People’s demands are increasing day by day. If one company offers them a certain compensation package, competitors are always willing to give them a tad bit extra. Unfortunately, this is a numbers game; those in the staffing business are hit worst just because of this.
  • Freelancing: An increase in work pressure and endless work hours is causing a shift in the work culture for many. People are moving to freelancing and working with multiple companies, rather than sticking to just one. This is reducing the scope for companies to have permanent employees at their disposal, and is affecting the business adversely.

If you run an IT company and someone’s looking to start their career in this field, let them grab this job opportunity. Make sure you treat him well and help him grow with the company. Make yourself indispensible so he won’t be able to leave. Finding talent isn’t what it was a few years ago. Not in the US. Not anywhere.