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3 Creative Ways to Find and Attract the Right Talent

Find and attract the right talent using social media

Employers, the job market today has drastically changed with the younger generation looking for a new job after every 3-5 years of service. You definitely need a different and rather creative approach to find, recruit and retain the right talent.

In this article, I will be sharing 3 unique ways to find great talent.

Tip #1: Build a pool of candidates all year long

How do you ask? Well, engage with your current employees online ask them to share their ‘Life at [Company]’ stories, especially on the professional website like LinkedIn. This small step will not only keep your current staff engaged but also attract potential candidates.

[bctt tweet=”Also, recruiters need to spend quality time on networking and building relationships. It is important to understand what candidates seek in a job before calling them with a job opportunity.” username=”myaptask”]

Tip #2: Positive employer brand image

How is your company perceived by others online? Is your company culture getting positive reviews and ratings on Glassdoor or Twitter? The younger generation today look into these sites and then decide whether to accept or decline a job offer.

I agree, not all employees will report as being happy. Some reviews and ratings may be low. But as an employer, you should be addressing them so that you don’t lose on your potential candidates.

Therefore, make sure your online brand image is positive. Focus on sharing the benefits of working with you and what your company culture stands for.

Tip #3: Vlog

Get your hiring managers, recruiters and employees to do a short 2-3 min videos talking about top tips for acing an interview at your comapny; your company culture, inside the office, sneak peek – behind the scenes, employee engagement, fun Friday at [Company], employee appreciations, benefits of working with [Company], so on and so forth…

These top 3 tips should get you set up to reinforce your employer brand and attract more right-fit candidates.

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