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3 Mistakes To Stop Making While Getting A New Recruit On Board


To make a mistake is human; no matter how experienced one is, to err is inevitable. Talent acquisition is a field where professionals handle each company’s new recruit, and is one where the margin for error needs to be reduced considerably. Given below are 3 mistakes which those in the staffing business need to stop making while hiring new employees:

1)   Job description:  Most job descriptions consist of how many years of work experience the company requires in each field rather than focusing on the work to be done. The focus in a job description should be on whether or not a prospective candidate will be able to complete a project within the time frame.

2)   Standard interview procedure: Interviews are conducted one-on-one and for a usually for a very short while. During this time, not much can be grasped by the interviewer, which leads them to go by their first impression. This should be changed. Promising candidates should be given a panel interview so that multiple people can give a consensus.

3)   Benefits: It’s of utmost importance to let your candidate know what all’s in store for him once he’s hired. Let him know the benefits of working with you as a whole, rather than just the monetary benefits.

If there’s a job opportunity at your firm, keep these points in mind. If you need more help, contact your staffing solutions agency or get in touch with us pronto!