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3 Qualities to Look For Before Hiring Your First Employee

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As an entrepreneur just starting out, identifying which qualities to look for before hiring your first employee can be a daunting affair. Nevertheless, it’s pretty obvious and goes without saying that you need to look for someone who is smart, energetic with strong work ethics, vision, good communication skills, and integrity.

Because years down the line you’ll know that it was the first set of employees you hired that helped you make or break your business. Therefore, be clear about what characteristics you’re looking for and mention it in the job description. Make sure to put the needs of the job and business ahead of your own personal likes or dislikes.

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In this post, we have mentioned 3 qualities to look for before you hire your first employee:

Intelligence and Mental Agility

Industry knowledge can be learned but not intelligence and mental agility. They are inborn qualities in a person. In the interview, look for candidates who have experience handling challenging, complex situations. Listen to how they express themselves. Conduct tests to evaluate if they are good at analytical and quantitative concepts. After all, best minds with brainpower shape into great business leaders.

Energy and Passion.

Screen candidates who have big accomplishments in their professional and personal life. Look for candidates who are excited and passionate about their work. They not only preach but walk the talk and are committed to self-improvement.

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Ask questions like

  • What excites you most about your career in this industry?
  • Describe your biggest accomplishments.
  • How do you stay in touch with the industry you work in?

This is one of the key quality to look for before you hire your first employee. No compromise. The right prospective candidate should be eager to share their experiences showing the highest ethical standards and respect they have for others. Ask them to explain with examples, how they supported their colleagues, made positive contributions while teaching as well as learning from their peers.

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