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3 Reasons Why Your Employees Might Be Looking To Move On

work-life balance

Teamwork is the key to a company’s success, and when a recruit quits, it naturally disturbs the team; more so when the handover process hasn’t been completed. The cycle of fresh talent acquisition and employees making a move is a regular one, but if you notice this happening more frequently then it should, there’s something amiss. These are 3 reasons why your employees might be looking to move on:

1)   Work-life balance: Having a good career is of utmost importance. People strive to keep getting better at whatever they do so that they excel in their field. However, with the increasing workload and pressure, employees find themselves in office for more than 12 hours a day, which gets stressful. This leaves them with no personal time and makes them a company slave, not something they appreciate.

2)   Work’s not fun: Love what you do, and do what you love. This is something today’s workforce believes in. Although a fresher initially looks primarily at the compensation offered when there’s a job opportunity, if they find the work not enjoyable enough, there is very little hesitation in moving on.

3)   Rapport with boss: A boss is the person with whom an employees’ interaction is the most. He’s usually the one that can encourage or discourage his subordinates. Although work may be fun, if an employee doesn’t like or as frequent disagreements with his boss, he is likely to make a move.

Be open with your employees. Understand their point of view. They are the ones helping you look after your clients. Hire someone in the staffing business if you’re still facing problems. Better still, get in touch with us!