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3 SEO Tips for Corporate Recruiters

SEO tips for hiring and recruiting

It is a known fact that job seekers around the globe today are using Google as their starting point when looking for a new job. Therefore, implementing a solid SEO recruiting strategy is a must.

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The main difference between an average and great recruiter are these:

  • Great recruiters are professional hustlers from being known as networking gurus to successfully handling contract negotiations. They grit up!
  • Their capacity to dig deep and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals is mind-blowing.
  • They also love to pick up the phone and have a conversation and build rapport first with the potential candidates and clients.
  • Implementing passive marketing techniques like SEO is how great recruiters earn a significant amount of profits.

In this article, we have mentioned 4 SEO tips for recruiters to implement and gain a significant amount of website traffic.

Corporate Recruiters, maintaining your online footprint is key

Your SEO value increases when you do a number of activities online:

  • Use your online presence as an opportunity to connect and have a conversation with the candidate.
  • Share your thoughts by blogging regularly keeping the targeted keywords in mind.
  • Remember, not to stuff your content with these keywords.
  • Make your content free from plagiarism and keyword stuffing.
  • Keep it simple, original, and engaging.
Get yourself accustomed to GKP tool

Google Keyword Planner is one of the features in Google Adwords. This tool will help you discover what search terms or job titles people are typing every month. It will also provide you specific information about which keywords you should be targeting. Use the job titles and keywords that candidates are actually searching for; implement that keyword which has the highest ranking in your job listing and description.

3 SEO Tips for Corporate Recruiters
Candidates today are using their mobile phones more than ever while job searching.

Make sure that your client’s job site is mobile-friendly and optimized properly for candidates to apply and navigate easily for open positions using their mobiles.

Use your social media channels

To increase your SEO recruiting efforts utilize all your social media channels to promote job vacancies and in return gain maximum visibility to your postings.

Use these above-mentioned tips to drive a significant amount of traffic to your client’s job site and who knows some of them may even turn out as new leads.