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3 Things A Recruiter Does Not Want To Hear In An Interview

There’s a lot of excitement when you hear of a job opportunity, especially if it’s in a company you like. However, it’s a nervous process until you’ve actually become a recruit, mainly during the interview. There are some people that can keep their cool, while some can’t, thereby saying things that recruiters don’t really want to hear. Given below are some such things:

I work too hard/I’m a workaholic: This is a big no-no and a major turn-off. Recruiters like honest replies. The minute you say something on these lines, the recruiter’s virtually cut you off his or her list; that’s not really the direction you want to take your career in.

How many days off do we get in a year?: When you ask something like this during an interview, it shows how serious you are about working. It is important to have holiday time, but that’s not why you’re applying for a job.

I jobhop because I haven’t found the right place yet: This is a signal to the recruiter that you might not hang around in this company either, especially in a day and age when staffing solutions agencies are trying to send loyal employees to each company.

Other things a recruiter definitely does not want to hear are how bad your last boss was, how you’re a team leader, and how overly grateful you are for the interview, amongst other things; you get the job on merit.

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