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5 Tips to Improve Your Work Productivity and Get Things Done

Work Productivity

Are you a procrastinator? Are you known to miss deadlines or do things last minute? Are you finding it difficult to focus on important tasks or projects? Would you like to know how to improve your work productivity and get more things done?

In this article, I will be sharing some of the best productivity strategies I learned over the past few years. This is a personal guide helping you on your journey to increase productivity and improve your work habits.

Tip #1: First identify the basic blocks of personal productivity

For personal productivity to work the 4 basic foundations have to be solid. You need to identify and put these blocks in place first.

  • Sleep – Are you getting enough 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep?
  • Nutrition – Are you eating nutritious or healthy food?
  • Physical Activity – Do you exercise?
  • Mindset – What’s your mental attitude towards work?

Ask yourself these questions to prioritize and get these four basic blocks in place before committing to any productivity strategies.

Tip #2: Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

You can enjoy a better start to your day by waking up earlier than your usual time and investing in yourself. Learn to set aside some ‘me time’ every morning to work on your personal goals; like reading, meditating, studying, exercising, or just enjoying a cup of coffee in peace to have a powerful start to your day.

[bctt tweet=”But to wake up early you have to commit to going to bed early as well.” username=”myaptask”]

Tip #3: Understand your working style

To improve your focus and effectiveness, try to understand your working rhythm. In other words, notice how you feel after working continuously for an hour. Do you feel like taking a break? If you are working from home then you can define your own break schedule like me. But if you work in an organization that tracks your break timings then take breaks as per that schedule to recharge yourself.

Tip #4: Plan your day the night before

A task list written at the end of your workday will help you to prioritize and focus on these tasks first thing in the morning. Remember to draw a solid line after the last item on your tasks list so you don’t add any new tasks. Learn to say no to more tasks if your hands are already full or learn to delegate some work.

Tip #5: Take care of challenging tasks right away

[bctt tweet=”Don’t postpone those challenging tasks at the end of the day. Instead, take care of them first thing in the morning and the rest of your day will go much smoother. ” username=”myaptask”]

Mentally prepare yourself the night before how you are going to handle that challenging task and what you need to do to accomplish it.

I have to admit that following these 5 tips have been the biggest improvements I made to my productivity and I don’t waste my time on unessential stuff anymore. Now it’s your turn to put all this information into practice.

Remember to focus on one tip at a time and avoid unnecessary stress and confusion. Feel free to tweak these tips to best fit your needs and working styles and put them into action to really test them out. This is the only way to make your days organized, clutter-free and productive.

Thank you for reading and sharing this post. Do comment below with your opinions!

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