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Best Ways To Deliver Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback

Talent acquisition is one thing, and guiding your recruit in the right direction’s another. The main way to do so is by giving them feedback. You can’t just applaud an employee or drop a bomb on him; there’s a proper way of providing feedback to get the desired results. We’ve jotted down a few ways of doing so.

  • Be Specific: Feedback provided should be very specific; do not say stuff like “good job”, “ your work needs improvement”, etc. Instead, be crystal clear by saying stuff such as “10 out of 15 KPIs are being met; you need to look at the remaining 5!” If you aren’t this specific, it will leave your employee confused, thereby defeating the purpose of this feedback session.
  • One on One: Keep this session private; whatever feedback given must be face-to-face, and only to that particular employee. Giving negative feedback in front of others is a major demotivation, and will backfire this entire process. This is something most staffing solutions agencies will tell you.
  • Don’t wait for the quarter to end: We’re talking about quarter with reference to a year, just to be specific. Do not wait to give employee feedback; keep doing so at regular intervals. This will help fine-tune employees to boost company performance and help you bond better.
  • End on a good note: The purpose of a feedback session is to improve employee performance. Do this by stating faults at the beginning but ending on a positive note. This will thrust his moral and make him a better performer.

Now now now, these are just a few ways on how to deliver employee feedback. Want to know more? Get in touch with us now! We’ve been in the staffing business for a while.