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Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Resume


Talent acquisition is a difficult field. You meet plenty of prospective recruits, many of who have got through to you via cold calls, while others just send you their resume after finding a job opportunity via staffing companies. Resumes are most often the first interaction between a prospect and company, which is why one needs to make an impression that lasts; however, mistakes happen. Write the perfect resume by avoiding mistakes given below:

  • Grammar and typos: Grammatical errors and typos are the first thing an HR manager or interviewer will notice; it’s an instant turn-off. If you can’t write properly in your resume, you’re probably complacent when it comes to work; at least that’s what the person on the other side will think. And that’s not how you want to be looked at about your career.
  • Faking it: Do not portray in your resume what you are not. If the interviewer reads flowery language that doesn’t describe your personality or doesn’t look like you, your resumes going to go in the pile you don’t want it to.
  • Too much text: Don’t make your resume too verbose; do the required talking in person. Keep in mind that an HR manager goes through plenty of resumes throughout the day, and nobody wants to see one which is more like a book.
  • Contact Information: Make sure the contact information you provide on the resume is correct. With phone numbers and email ids available easily, people tend to keep changing this information but forget to do so on their resume.

More things to keep in mind are not to be vague, mass mailing your resume, and mentioning personal stuff, amongst other things. Get in touch with your staffing solutions agency to learn how to ace writing your resume.