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Does Your Hiring Process Lack This?

Empathy and Respect

Empathy and Respect are the two professional courtesy’s that appear to have fallen by the wayside in today’s job hiring market. Job seekers today seem to complain how they are being mistreated during interviews and are wondering if human resources are missing the ‘being human’ factor.

In this article, we will be sharing different ways to bring back empathy and respect in your professional recruitment processes.

1] Grant proper closure after the interview is over

Let the candidate know how the interview went, give them feedback – good or bad. You need to give feedback, if not face-to-face then at least in an email. Here, timing is key. Don’t keep the candidates hanging for a month wondering if they got through the interview or not.

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2] Its a 50-50 affair

Professional Recruitment

Professional recruitment managers need to remember that the candidates are also interviewing them to gaze if the company is fit for them. So try an avoid treating them poorly by keeping them waiting for long, showing up unprepared for the interview, or conducting multiple interviews and tests as if you’re investigating a crime.

3] Bring back the human factor in Human Resources

Start by interacting with the candidates by building a rapport. Rather than putting the entire reliance on ATS’s [Applicant Tracking Systems], which focuses only on buzzwords and biased filters, try connecting with the candidate first. The computerized screening processes cannot access human capabilities like experience, loyalty, hard work, genuine qualities, and skills.

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Everyone understands and appreciates the busy schedules, but a little effort in making “human” contact or any contact at all for that matter goes a very long way. After all, we are still working with humans and not robots. They are people with hearts, minds, and experiences that are worth treating with mutual respect and empathy.

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