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How To Effectively Manage Your Time If You’re A Recruiter


As days go by, the workload in each sector will keep increasing; however, one day will still have only 24 hours. In order to finish work on time, one needs to plan his day; time management is the key. Given below are pointers on how those working (especially in the staffing business) can better manage their time:

1)   Prioritize: Note down the most important tasks for the day before leaving for office or one day in advance, and make sure they’re completed on time. This should be the first thing you tell a new recruit.

2)   Know what phone calls to make: Make whatever outgoing calls required as soon as possible so you can move on to your other tasks. This will help you move according to how you’ve planned your day.

3)   Email action: When you get an email, answer it, delete it, or flag it for future action lest you waste unnecessary time on someone else’s priorities.

4)   Result oriented: Focus on tasks that are result oriented and consume less time vis-à-vis not so important time-consuming tasks. This will help you ace your day!

Note these points when you start your career in talent acquisition and stick to them; they’ll help you bring in your A game!