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Five Things that Good Job Candidates Hate


Organizations are always looking for talented candidates. It is not always certain that management is able to hire the best candidate moreover the current trends in recruitment seem to wipe out good job candidates.

Companies don’t realize that their reputation is at stake throughout the hiring process from posting the job online to answering submitted resumes, and hiring. One bad experience during the hiring process can flood websites like Glassdoor and other social media sites with grim comments and reviews.

Also, all prospective employees tend to take heed of these derogatory comments and ratings before accepting a job.

Five things that all good job candidates hate:

Vague Job Description

The job description should be clear and concise. Avoid writing vague, misleading job description. A good candidate might not feel like pursuing a job offer they don’t understand. Be specific and clear with what the job opening is for and what kind of experience you want.

Tedious Application Process:

Lengthy processes are one of the most irritating reasons why good candidates hate some employers. Companies need to find a convenient and simple way to assess the applicant without making the process lengthy or boring. Make sure that the wide pools of candidates who apply get timely responses to the job offer.

No Answer is “NOT” An Answer

You owe the candidate a response; after all, they took time out of their day to come into your office. Structure a timely response and find a suitable and courteous way to communicate the decision to hire or not.

Interview Venue:

With the growth of cities and the requirement of jobs at various locations, a common problem faced by a candidate is the interview venue. A good candidate might simply not turn up for an interview because the venue was not convenient enough.

Impolite Behavior:

The way in which candidates are handled during the interview process will show how they will be treated once they are hired. Companies forget to treat candidates like possible future consumers and evangelists.

[bctt tweet=”How you treat the candidate throughout the hiring process from posting the position online, to answering queries will be shared with families, friends and on social media. ” username=”myaptask”]

If a prospective manager is proud, rude, or dismissive, the reviews or comments are not going to get any better. A good, prospective employee could be lost because of a lack of humility and courteousness from the interviewer.

I agree hiring is crucial and is also a key to finding good job candidates for a particular position but if you consider these tips and process these suggestions, you will be able to hire high-quality employees for your company and move to the next level. Make sure your hiring processes are easier for all those job candidates who are applying and always keep in mind these five things that good job candidates hate.

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