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Be Your Own Boss,
No $$$ investment required.

**BYOB program gives you the opportunity to make 500K to 1M per year with NO investment and NO risk and be your own BOSS!

**We are minority (African-American owned and certified, Veteran owned and certified). We offer temp staffing, direct hire, payroll/passthru, RPO services.

Staffing Business
Have you thought of starting your own staffing business?
Are you tired of your job?
Writing Reports
Are you tired of writing reports for your manager?
Are you not able to spend enough time with your family?

If you answered yes for any of the above, then ApTask BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) program is for you.

Recruitment BYOB

Become an ApTask BYOB today!

Own a Staffing BYOB with one of the industry’s most experienced and Successful brands.

Recruitment BYOB

If you have been looking for a business opportunity that helps you achieve your professional goals, then ApTask BYOB is for you!

Staffing industry reaching new heights

The staffing industry is growing rapidly, hitting record-high revenues of $300 billion in the U.S. in 2020. You can be a part of this growing industry with minimal investment of time and resources.

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Start staffing agency

Starting a staffing agency on your own can involve handling a lot of moving parts. Our BYOB option offers you a business plan with managed complexity – the ability to operate a complicated business in a streamlined, efficient way.

Here are just some of the ways we help BYOB owners:

  • 24/7 Global Recruiting Support
  • Access to national accounts
  • Client payment collections
  • Efficient BackOffice Support
  • Vendor compliance and audit documents
  • Associate payroll funding
  • Associate benefits and human resources
  • Marketing
  • Training and development


Based on our experience, we try to answer some of your questions