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How Can Recruiters Get Most Floated Job Offers Accepted

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If you’re in the staffing business, you’ve probably floated a job opportunity quite a few times in your career. It’s accepted many times, but there are times when it gets rejected. Perhaps it’s because of a hasty process or it wasn’t tested properly. If a prospective candidate hesitates accepting your offer during an interview, find out the reason. Here’s how:

1)   Acceptance criteria: Find out why the candidate is present for the interview. Does he just want a pay raise or is he interested in career growth? Change the focus to the latter and don’t discuss the compensation till you know he’s the right man for this job.

2)   Keep the candidate engaged: Have the hiring manager meet the new recruit to discuss a business issue a few days after he accepts the offer.  He should be super enthusiastic about this since it will be kick-starting his new job.

3)   Address concerns: Most people have a few concerns that need to be addressed before they accept the offer; however, play hard-to-get and agree to address each concern only if the candidate is willing to consider this opportunity. This will help you understand how serious he is about joining.

Get in touch with us to know the other points to help you in this aspect. Mark our words- there will hardly be any offers rejected and you can then ace your talent acquisition game!