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How to Answer: Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?

Why did you leave your current job

Seems challenging isn’t it? How do you answer the interviewer who is keen on knowing why you want to leave your current job? Well, whatever answer you give make sure you are not ranting about your frustrations and pain regarding your current employer.

[Q] Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?


A1] The main reason for leaving is that I have gained valuable experience from my current job and now feel like it’s the perfect time to pursue new responsibilities and challenges.

A2] Honestly, I wasn’t looking for a move. But when I saw your job posting, I got excited and felt my skills, talents, and experience will be fully utilized here.

A3] I wanted to look for opportunities closer to my home. As I am currently spending way too much time commuting to and fro.

A4] Actually, I’m relocating due to some family situations.

A5] I got laid off. Our department got pulled off due to the company restructure.

Ultimately, your answer should be in line with your personal and professional goals. Such short and reasonable answers will definitely increase your chances of turning the interview into a job offer.

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Make sure you remind the hiring manager or recruiter the skills and capabilities you bring to the table. Remember to never speak badly about your current employer or colleagues.