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How To Motivate The Millennial Workforce By Staffing Expert Taj Haslani

Millennial Workforce

“There are an estimated 80 million young Americans who belong to the so-called millennial generation, roughly ages 18 to 35. By next year, they are expected to comprise 36% of the U.S. workforce, and by 2020, millennials will be nearly half of all workers.” – Forbes

And this number will just keep increasing.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are youngsters and have most likely just started off their career. Handling them at a workplace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; they’re said to be fickle, temperamental, and job-hop without any strings attached. Motivating them is another task altogether. However, veteran staffing solutions expert Taj Haslani has multiple tricks up his sleeve which will do the job, some of which are mentioned below:

Freedom: Millennials like to have their space. They like finishing tasks in their style. Give them total freedom during work hours as long as tasks are completed on time. Let them work from home if need be.

Involve them in business: If millennials aren’t kept abreast of what and how business is being conducted, they might start to lose interest, and in-turn, switch their job.

Personal time: This group is one which emphasizes on work/life balance. They need to be given enough time off, a good number of holidays, and flexible work hours.

Make intermediate designations: Motivate millennials by making designations in addition to the existing ones, and promote them. This will boost their moral.

Feedback: Take interest in the progress of millennials. Keep giving them feedback when required. This will encourage them plenty!

After you’ve given someone a job opportunity at your firm, take all these factors into consideration. It will be an instant motivator and help in building a long-term relation. For more details, get in touch with staffing companies.