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How To Tackle The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question


Becoming a recruit is a process, and a rather long one at that. It starts with sending your resume to the concerned company or staffing solutions agency, post which you follow-up and fix up an interview. This is when you meet your prospective boss for the first time, and is often a daunting period. No matter how prepared you are for whatever question the interviewer throws at you, “tell me about yourself” is one you’re never sure how to answer. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Go through the big 3 points mentioned below and you’ll find answering this question a cakewalk.

  • First Impression: First impressions have a disproportionate yet profound impact on your overall perception. It’s more difficult to drop after a strong start than to come back after a rough one. Hence, your response should set a positive tone for your entire interview.
  • Be brief & to the point: Limit your response to 60-90 seconds. Write it out and time yourselfIntroduce who you are professionally. Speak about what you’re good at and tell the interviewer about your personality. When telling a story, organizing your answers in a predictable narrative makes it easier for interviewers to follow along.
  • Honesty is the best policy: Be honest with whatever you say. If you say you’ve done things you haven’t, you’ll be filling in for someone who’s shoes you aren’t capable of walking in, and this will cut a really sorry figure later on.

Make sure you end this question by how excited you are about the future of your career, as well as this company. Contact someone in the field of talent acquisition if you need anymore help, or get in touch with us!