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How to Write Winning Cover Letters That Get You Hired?

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Is your cover letter and resume stopping you from standing out and being hired for the job of your dreams? Read on if you want to know how to write winning cover letters that get you hired or apply for that IJP (Internal job posting) in such a competitive and overcrowded job market.

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To stand out from the hundreds or more applications you need to write authentic cover letters and resumes that satisfies both human as well as bot (ATS) eyes.

In this article, I will be sharing some new and effective methods that will help increase your chances of getting the job you want.

First, let’s find out which common yet critical mistakes we must avoid while writing a cover letter


  • Pointing out an experience or skill set you don’t have. Instead, try to join the dots between your current experience and the new job requirements.
  • Sounding desperate how you need this job to pay the bills etc. But focus on what you bring to the table, how your contribution can make a difference and help the company and you grow professionally and personally.
  • Being unfocused, pompous, or sound like you swallowed a thesaurus.
  • Writing a cover letter that only talks about you. Instead, demonstrate that you understand what the job’s deliverables are and make it obvious that you are serious about the job.

Focus on:

  • Writing easily readable, clear and brief cover letter.
  • Emphasizing on your personal brand. That shows you to be a viable professional with a clear sense of self and also talk about what transferable skills you bring to the job.
  • Using social media such as LinkedIn to create an effective online profile and find hiring managers and recruiters. Pitching directly to a recruiter or hiring manager dramatically increase your chance of landing an interview.
  • Landing an interview by using language drawn from the job posting itself, use words or relevant keywords that will send your application to the top of the database searches.

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Cover Letter Sample

Subject Line: Cover Letter | Sharon Jeff George | Sr. Technical Recruiter|

Dear Taj,

I have always followed the performance of your company ApTask in Recruiting Trends newsletter.

Your online job posting regarding a Sr. Technical Recruiter caught my eye, and your company name caught my attention. Your record over the last five years shows exceptional growth and with my experience I know I could make significant contributions.

An experienced technical recruiter, I have a computer networks and system administration background and a strong quantitative analysis approach towards recruiting market trends. I would like to talk to you about your personnel needs and what value I can bring to your team.

When you get a chance to go through my attached resume, you will see that my resume demonstrates a person of unusual dedication, efficiency, and drive.

I would like to meet with you and show that along with my qualifications, I have the professional commitment that makes for a successful team player.

Yours truly,

Sharon Jeff George

I would like to wrap this article with this thought,

To stand out as the perfect candidate for the job you’ll need to stand up and own your future. You must know why you do what you do, believe in what you do and be able to project this first as a person and then reflect it in your cover letter.

That’s what will sell you as the perfect candidate for any prospective employer. Therefore, adapt to this mindset and carry it with you throughout your application journey. I wish you the best in your job search.