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Is Your Recruiting Process Broken?

Broken Hiring Process

This is a question that all job seekers out there keep asking and wondering to themselves. Is it us or is the recruiting process broken? Applicants today are not only finding it difficult but time-consuming to get placed. They feel like they are getting lost in the ATS’s [Applicant Tracking Systems], keyword searches, etc.

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In this article, we have mentioned five reasons why candidates searing for job opportunities in the US feel the recruiting process today is broken.

Today’s Recruiting Systems

Recruiters everywhere are looking for that perfect candidate with perfect qualifications whose resume they must have read in less than 6 seconds. HR recruiters it’s time to get real. Stop looking for those perfect hires and invest in your talent. Provide professional development, make your hiring process little more personal; after all, its people you are dealing with not robots.

Look Beyond the Cover.

Job Candidates

Rather than just suggesting to hire out of the box candidates and then double taping and ignoring them, get your senior management to hear and see why this candidate is a brilliant hire. Isn’t skill set and experience more important than their hair color or length? Hiring managers need to become progressive and not overlook such talent. You never know, he/she could end up being the most valuable asset for your company.

Help People

Recruiters need to find the passion for helping people get jobs because being unemployed can be a really difficult phase in one’s life. Instead of crushing their application or letting them trip over themselves – try and help them reach their true potential or, at least, give them appropriate feedback to improve. It’s time we made the hiring process more humane. A little empathy and respect go a long way. Let’s help each other out, we all are in it together.

Job Hunters You Deserve the Best

Smiling employees

Trust your gut feeling. If a company treats you poorly during the hiring process, you know this company’s probably not the best fit for you. In that case, walk away…they do not deserve you! It may seem risky but do it – no matter how badly you need a job. Say ‘No’ to the wrong employer. Don’t accept a job that you know will be unhappy in.

There is Still a Ray of Hope

Not all companies have broken hiring systems. You will know they are the right ones by the way they treat you. They will have a fast and effective recruiting system with not more than 3-4 interviews before they give you an offer letter or thank you for applying email. They even have an easier process that is not tedious like the others with endless pre-employment screening, tests, or make applicants fill a 20-page questionnaire.

So, let’s learn to add the human touch factor in our recruiting process and improve the candidate experience.

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