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Key Pointers Recruiters Notice in Your Resume


Making a resume is the first step one takes while starting their career. From the perspective of someone working in talent acquisition, they come across plenty of such resumes daily. It’s because of this that they might not be able to give too much time reading each one, which is why your resume should stand out. Here are key pointers that are noticed in your resume:

1)   Location: One of the main reasons prospective candidates let go of a job opportunity is because of commute time. It’s of utmost importance that you won’t quit just because a job’s available closer to home; it should be a long-term association.

2)   Grammar and formatting: This is the first thing that staffing solutions agencies or HR professionals notice in a candidates resume. The formatting should be so crisp that recruiters are compelled to read it, and grammar should be perfect so that it goes in the “yes” pile.

3)   Gaps between jobs: If you have a long gap between jobs without any concrete reason, you’ve raised a red flag. If you’ve switched more than 2 jobs in 12 months, you’ve raised another one. Make sure you don’t job hop or if you did, have a prompt and valid reason as to why you switched jobs so frequently. Those in the staffing business want reliable and long-term resources.

Keep these pointers in mind before trying to be a new recruit. Incorporate these in your resume. For more details, feel free to give us a shout!