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Leaders Concentrate on Your Objectives Rather than Problems

Leaders get so engrossed in constantly dealing with problems that they lose sight of their main objectives and goals. To guarantee a healthier work-life balance, leaders must start focusing on coming up with creative solutions. Listen to any manager speak; very few talk about their objectives or goals. More or less concentrate on their problems.

In this article, I will be sharing some practical tips for managers to follow.

The Secret to Leadership Success

  1. Develop and practice RSF – relentless solution focus. As mentioned in Dr. Jason Selk book, ’10 minute Toughness, and Executive Toughness.’ We must mentally train ourselves to focus on ways to actually resolve the situation.
  2. First, stop behaving like a non-swimmer who fights the water/situation. This will only drown you. Instead, breathe and try using the water as the means to survive. Look for the nearest shore and keep this objective in sight all the time. Not the water or drowning but the shore.
  3. Understand your environment/condition and use it to your advantage. Right now your problems and issues may seem like roadblocks but later these very roadblocks will act like stepping stones to help make success a reality.
  4. Eliminate the word problem from your vocabulary and replace it with the word process. Bring the concept of a process into the picture in order to achieve the goals and quotas.
  5. Ask yourself this when facing a situation – How can I use this situation to my advantage? How not what? Asking how will make you think of more ways to overcome your current hardships and help you achieve your daily objectives.
  6. Review your problems and clarify your real objectives. That’s how you shift your attention back to your objectives.

Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it. ~ Niels Bohr

As a manager, you should be focusing on your goals and not problems and consequences. Think of them as an opportunity to creatively come up with successful solutions.

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