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Managers, Please Stop Micromanaging!


Are you a micromanaging boss? Do you drive your employees crazy? Then this article is for you. Rule #1 please stop micromanaging. It’s a complete waste of time! It’s not only demoralizing but also one of the main reasons why employees quit their jobs. In fact, employees don’t quit the job, per se, but the boss who kept looking over their shoulder for every little thing.

If team attrition is at its all-time high, then it’s time to take accountability for this problem.

Tips to stop micromanaging

  1. Managers your work-floor should not be run like a day-care center. Your employees raising hands and asking permission to leave the floor for taking breaks. That’s treating employees poorly.
  2. Take a step back and learn to trust your employees to manage the day-to-day operations well. Remove the need to constantly guide them at every step.
  3. You micromanaging will actually stop them from getting things done quickly. Mistakes must happen, that’s how your employees learn, grow and prevent them in the future.
  4. If you’re concerned about not getting enough information about the actual work done. You can seek them through weekly reports, daily huddles, and monthly one-on-one conversations.
  5. During these meeting don’t forget to acknowledge and sincerely appreciate your employees. This will not only keep your team engaged but also productive.

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