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Our Takeaways from Linkedin’s “Top skills list'”

Takeaways from Linkedin

A report by Accenture stated that skill gap puts $1.97 trillion growth at risk in India. Even the U.S is affected by this issue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. currently has over 7 million unfilled jobs.

As we all know, recently LinkedIn analyzed a huge volume of job postings in an attempt to determine which skills companies are searching for in 2019.  Perhaps surprisingly, they found that employers are not just looking for employees with the latest technical skills but also a set of key soft skills.

We thought we’d dig a little deeper into LinkedIn’s list of ‘Skills Companies Need Most in 2019’ and explore why these skills are important. If you’re a job-seeker, our list will help you decide which skills you should choose to develop. Let’s dive in.

7 Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2019

  • Creativity

IBM conducted a study of CEOs from 33 industries, across 60 nations. About 60% of CEOs voted creativity as the most critical leadership quality. Creative ideas in business set companies apart from one another. Without creative innovations, every company would follow the rut. Creativity and the folks who have it are necessary to keep moving forward in business.

  • Persuasion

The famous novelist, Tony Robbins says, “Persuasion is the most important skill you can develop.  Why?  Because without it, your ideas won’t get traction. You won’t get the resources or support you need.  You won’t be able to communicate your unique value to the world.”

Take a look at the business world- while companies are focusing all their efforts into creating revolutionary products and offering out-of-the-box solutions, that wouldn’t do any good if people don’t buy them. Yes, great products and services are essential, but the key is persuading people to buy in. Can you do that?

  • Collaboration

A survey conducted by Queen’s University revealed that 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as ‘very important.’ In today’s competitive market, companies fight different battles each day- beating the competition, achieving targets, etc. To reduce the load and make the fight easier, organizations want brilliant minds, with big ambitions to collectively work towards a shared goal. Employees who can communicate effectively and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses become powerful engines of growth. This is why collaboration plays a vital role in the success of any company and is a highly valued skill.

  • Adaptability

Adaptability is a quality that helps determine how you respond to change. It is all about working without constraints and being open to finding diverse and astonishing solutions to challenges in the workplace. When we eliminate limitations from our thinking and actions, problems become exciting to work through. People who are adaptable engage with a variety of people with diverse skills to get the job done. Adaptability is an essential skill required to sail through today’s ever-changing business world. Employers across the world value this trait. A survey revealed that 91 percent of HR directors agreed that the ability of a candidate to deal with change was a major recruitment factor.

  • Time Management

Studies reveal that only 20% of the average workday is spent on ‘important things, while 80% of the average workday is wasted on things of little or no value. Time management isn’t just about allocating a certain amount of time to a particular task. Effective time management is also about prioritizing and choosing what deserves more importance and therefore needs more time and focus. This skill is particularly important today where we work in high-pressure environments with stringent deadlines.

  • Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning is the ability to view information and recognize patterns within that information. Analytical reasoning involves thinking logically with no specialized knowledge, such as identifying logically equivalent statements; and concluding what could be right or must be true from the given set of facts.

This skill helps a great deal in today’s dynamic workplace. It helps in making both smart and fast decisions. Analytical reasoning is a skill that will set you apart not just professionally but also personally.

  • People Management

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that 58% of people said they would trust strangers more than their manager. Global studies show that 79% of people quit their jobs stating ‘lack of appreciation’ as the primary reason. Shocking isn’t it? What is even more shocking is that a study conducted by showed that 58 percent of managers don’t receive any management training. Most of them are promoted because they are good at their work and not because they are good at people management.

So, why is people management such an important skill to possess? Well, people are the principal drivers of organizational change, so to improve performance, managers must be able to work actively on the ground with their teams to drive growth and impact sustainable change.

3 Most In-demand Hard Skills in 2019

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a part of LinkedIn’s top skills for three years in a row. According to Gartner, investment in the cloud is expected to double soon. As a large number of companies have started pushing infrastructure and data to the cloud, cloud computing has opened new employment opportunities in the IT sector. From managing massive information loads to taking action against security issues, a cloud computing expert can take charge in innumerable ways.

  • Artificial Intelligence

In addition to transforming everyday life, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly taking root. Technology companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are now the largest companies in the world based on their market capitalization. Most of these companies view distinct types of Artificial Intelligence as the most critical business opportunity for the future. Clearly, being skilled in AI-related technologies will be a huge plus in 2019.

  • UX Design

More and more companies today are focusing on creating an enhanced user experience while building their products. This makes UX design an important skill to possess. This is because UX design creates a user-centric approach. It puts the user at the center of the designing process. For this reason, UX designers spend a lot of time speaking to users and understanding how they use the products. Most companies that are focused on innovation are always looking at hiring UX designers. It is these UX experts who will help create the best possible experience for customers.

So, that’s our take. Now, if you want to gain a competitive edge, while also securing marketable skills for the future, you may want to start acquiring and practicing these skills right away. Will you?