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Post-Interview Etiquette

Post Interview Etiquette

Imagine you heard of a job opportunity at your dream company. The interview went well, and you’re sure you aced it. However, you don’t know this for sure. Not until you get a call from the HR department, at least. What do you do till then? How do you get in the good books of the interviewer? Given below is some post-interview etiquette you must follow to stay on the top of the interviewers mind, and become a recruit of your dream company:

  • Thank you email: Whether you got an interview directly through a company manager or a staffing solutions agency, make it a point to send them a thank you email post the interview. This will make the interviewer feel that you appreciate his or her efforts and have acknowledged their time.
  • Ask what happens next: It is a must to go prepared for an interview. You must know answers to each question asked, and also when to ask your question- what happens next? Asking this will help you ascertain the amount of time the interviewer will take to make his decision, post which you can follow-up.
  • Follow-up: Follow-up with the interviewer based on the amount of time he’s said it will take to make this decision. It’s okay if you don’t hear from them for a while, since other tasks may be more important to them. Make sure you don’t follow-up more than two times, as that counts as pestering- something nobody will appreciate.

If you don’t hear anything after a few weeks, even after following up, you should start looking for another job. Make your life easier by going through a talent acquisition company that will put your career in the right path.