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Recruiters Are You an Effective Listener? 10 Tips Listed!

effective listener
  • Recruiters, this is one of the core skills to acquire. Listening is, in fact, the key to selling and effectively qualifying a candidate. So recruiters, are you an effective listener? If not then start today. Listen carefully to understand what the clients or candidates want or have to offer. Here are:

10 Tips to become an effective listener

  1. Take the time to first listen to what the client or candidates requirements are. It will be much easier to fill jobs once it is established as to what the client or candidate wants.
  2. When recruiters listen and build rapport – candidates respond better and make a positive first impression on the clients.
  3. Have mock interview calls set up during training and watch how you engage or sell the position.
  4. Evaluate how you sound on the phone. How does your message tone and words come across? Ask a mentor to give you objective feedback on the same.
  5. Become better at summarizing the candidates’ stories with your hiring manager. Sell the candidate by gathering details from both known (from the resume) as well as unknown (by asking open-ended questions).
  6. Ask open-ended questions to improve your listening skills. The information you gather will assist you in making the decision of whether this candidate genuinely requires the job or not.
  7. Focus on cultivating a non-judgemental approach towards the candidates you interview until you have gathered all the necessary information. Listen first, decide later if the candidate fits the role or not.
  8. Questions prompt answers. So, carefully listen to the candidates’ responses to job satisfaction, skills development, benefits, travel, values, roles, professional needs and wants.
  9. To truly excel at your role you need to ask meaningful, thoughtful, and targeted questions in order to recruit that perfect candidate.
  10. Just like a sales person you are selling opportunities. Therefore, learn to master building genuine relationships by being an effective listener with both clients and candidates.