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The Ultimate Checklist On Landing Your Dream Job

Dream Job

In the midst of your job search, receiving a call from a recruiter or the hiring company is like that date you’ve been waiting to hear from. As a staffing company we come across thousands of candidates who are looking for jobs, but what makes a few of them stand out from the rest?
Read on and find out!

Get Perspective: The most important thing before applying to your dream job is to get ahead than the rest by conducting a thorough research about the job market, latest technology trends in the industry, salaries, company culture and so on. It gives you deep insight about what to expect in an interview, to be prepared and improvise your skills. Companies are looking for someone who is determined to work with them. They’re looking for a wizard with skills and the right attitude that adds value to their brand.

Get Creative: Innovation in any field is purely based on your creative ability to invent. You don’t need a degree to be creative, all it takes is for you to do something different than the traditional ways of applying for a job. Resumes are passé, you could create a kickass portfolio if you’re a rock star designer or developer, or change the resume style so that it catches the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager, but don’t get carried away! Keep it stylish, yet professional. It’s a representation of who you are. So own it!

Put on a charming face: We’ve always come across a few individuals who have an instant charm and are loved by everybody. We wonder “this guy has it so easily”, don’t fret, it just takes some tips to be a smooth operator. Stick to the basics – smile, handshake, optimistic attitude and confidence and the rest will fall in place automatically. If the instant charmer rule doesn’t work for you, it’s so easy to be pleasantly likable!

Network, Network and more Network: It doesn’t matter what you know, but WHO YOU KNOW. But sometimes, building a network doesn’t mean how many connections you have on LinkedIn, but people you actually meet and interact with regularly. Attending job fairs gives you the opportunity to meet several people who are there with the same intention – boost their networks. Get on the Social Scene – meet people, attend brunches, dinners, your neighbour’s BBQ party or that wedding you didn’t want to go to – Get busy, Get acquainted.

Anything that you want to achieve requires dedication and hard work. With the right amount of perseverance, patience and determination to be where you want to be, you are unstoppable. It’s going to be tough, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You can achieve good things, but great things take time, so make the pathway to greatness worthwhile.

– Sephra Lazarus