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Things To Look For In A Candidate By Recruitment Expert Taj Haslani

Taj Haslani

Taj Haslani is one of the more prominent names in the staffing business, and rightly so. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years, founded 3 companies in this sector, each of which have been successfully established, and are going great guns!

Whether it’s a start-up, mid-sized business, or a well-established conglomerate, employees come first; but how do you get the right employee?

Talent acquisition isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; hence, we’ve jotted down a few pointers on how to get the best of the best, by none other than the master himself:

Vision: A prospective employee’s vision must be in line with the company. He must be passionate about the way your company does business, and be focused on his career.

Multi-tasker: In today’s fast-paced, dynamic business world, an employee must be skilled in different facets. He must be able to handle multiple tasks at a time, and complete them with ease. ‘Jack of all trades’ sums up what one needs to be.

Goal Oriented: Staff members must have a goal and the zeal to achieve it.

Team Player: This is one of the most vital aspects while hiring a new recruit. One must gel around with fellow employees in order to maximize his potential, as well as the company.

Committed: The staffing company or firm must ascertain how committed the prospective employee is. He must be someone who works on a long-term basis, rather than just job-hopping.

Company Culture: The way in which the company works is something employees must be willing to adapt to.

Risk takers: ‘No risk, no gain’ is a policy employees must be willing to follow, if their job profile permits.

Enthusiasm: If an employee isn’t enthusiastic about his job, he isn’t going to give it his all.

Proactive: An employee must be proactive rather than reactive.

If you see these qualities during an interview, rest assured you’ve hired the right staffing solutions agency! If not, call us!