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Top 10 Tips to Hire Superior Talent

Find and attract the right talent using social media

Hiring managers, don’t you wish you could consistently hire superior people? As the competition for talent increases, having robust recruiting skills are crucial for hiring top people on a regular basis. In this blog post – ‘How to interview and hire superior people’, I will be sharing some valuable tips on the similar lines. Let’s begin…

Top 10 Tips to Hire Superior Talent?


Managers you need to make hiring top talent your main goal; it is the key to your career progression.


Establish and utilize the right set of tools and resources to find and hire superior talent.


If you hire a weak candidate, just to fill the job. You’ll end up getting weak results, as rarely does a weak candidate turn into a great employee.

As the quote goes,

Hire smart, or manage tough. – Red Scott


A strong manager would have employees exceeding expectations on all aspects of work without being pushed. They are self-motivated to do the required work.


Avoid conducting superficial interviews, they are the #1 reason why top-notch talent pull themselves out of the interview process.


Stop posting boring JD’s. Get creative with your job descriptions, including the real job challenges and opportunities to attract top people.


[bctt tweet=”Ask the candidate more about their major accomplishments. Then observe like ‘Sherlock Holmes’ does and deduct the information collected to understand the growth trends and behavior patterns of the candidate.” username=”myaptask”]


Use the interview to collect information about the candidate not to make a decision whether to hire or not. Remain objective throughout the process until you have collected both relevant and unbiased data about the candidate.


Collect information across multiple job factors – from product knowledge, technical know-how’s, intelligence, affability to how well they work with others and meet deadlines.


First impressions, intuitions, personality, prejudices, interviewing and presentation skills are no longer sufficient for assessing a candidate’s ability. Collecting the right information as mentioned in #8 and #9 is a prerequisite before deciding yes or no.

Therefore, these few fundamental principles become the foundation for a systematic process for hiring superior talent. Follow them and watch your accuracy soar with this simple system.