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Top 3 Questions to Ask a Potential Employer at the End of the Job Interview

Top 3 questions to ask an employer

So, your interview is almost over and the interviewer has now given you the opportunity to ask him/her any questions you may have, what do you do? A) Further, pitch yourself for the job B) Ask questions about salary and promotions or C) Nervously smile and say you have no questions to ask. Wrong! The answer, in fact, is D) Ask these top 3 questions at the end of the job interview to smoothly and naturally WOW the interviewer.

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So don’t run the risk of not preparing questions to ask. Do your homework. Executive recruiters suggest pre-researching and making notes of topics you’d like to ask about the company, department, and industry.

In this article, we are giving you a free interview cheat sheet with the top 3 questions to ask a potential employer.

Ask the Interviewer

  • What are my day-to-day job responsibilities?

Asking this question will give you useful insights about the hiring manager’s expectations for the role. It can also tell you how to truly excel in the job and achieve the performance that is expected of you.

  • Can you tell me more about your company culture?

You are asking this question to gauge if the work environment promotes positivity, trust, transparency, good work ethics, considers employee happiness, and values you as an employee. You want to work for a company that’s approachable, appreciative, and makes you feel happy to come to work every day.

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  • What are my career growth opportunities?

This job that you’re considering that may/may not have a huge impact on your career, so try and figure out if the job is even right for you in the first place. Interviewing is a two-way street – you also need to see if you’ll grow and do well or end up feeling miserably stuck at work.

Don’t worry about seeming demanding. Executive recruiters say ask relevant questions about the job, manager, company, and what the follow-up process is once the interview is done. Also, do some research yourself.

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So, don’t forget to ask these questions to your potential employer.

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