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  • Work fulltime or in your spare time keeping your current job
  • Make money for every resume submittal, interview & placement
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Love The Innovative Idea, read below for the terms and conditions:

  • Submission: $10 per resume
  • Interview: $25 per resume
  • Start(s): 1st start of the month $200, 2nd start in the same month $300, 3rd start in the same month $400
  • Will be capped at $400 for subsequent starts

E.g.: Typical recruiting scenario

  • 20 submissions in a month: $200
  • 7 interviews as a result of those submissions: $175
  • 3 starts in a month: $200+$300+$400 = $900 (will be paid after the completion of 30 days on the project)
  • Grand Total: $1275
Terms and Conditions:

* The amount of payout and the computation of Gross Margin will be at the sole discretion of ApTask and ApTask may revise the payout terms and amounts at any time.

  • The submission and interview payouts will be payable at the end of the month following the month in which the submission or the interview was done
  • The start payout will be made at the end of the month following the date that the start completes 30 calendar days on billing with the client. The start payout will be paid per employee or contractor not per project. So there will be a one-time start payout per employee / contractor irrespective of the number of clients / Projects that the same employee / contractor works with.
  • Any resume that is submitted shall be creditable to you for subsequent interview or start credit for a period of 6 months post the submittal date, any submittal, interview or start for the resume by an alternate recruiter post the 6-month period shall not be creditable to you.
  • Should the resume be submitted by someone other than you – the credit for the submittal shall be given to the recruiter who submitted the resume first – the decision of such credit shall be at the sole discretion of the company
  • The conversion rate from US Dollar to Indian Rupees if applicable, will be based on the conversion rate on the date the payout will be due to be made to you and will be determined at the sole discretion of the company
  • Any additional expense made by you toward submittals, Interviews, Placements will not be reimbursable unless approved in advance and in writing
  • You are not an employee of ApTask and are not eligible for any benefits that are offered to ApTask Employees
  • You will submit a monthly invoice reflecting the amount due to you. ApTask shall validate the amount in the invoice and may ask you to amend the invoice based on the data available to ApTask. No payment shall be made to you unless an approved invoice is received

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