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What Kind Of Questions To Expect In Your Interview

Interview Questions

Interviews, as we know, are daunting. It’s the first time in your career you meet your boss-to-be, and want to make a good first impression. To do this, most people prepare for interviews; but how can you do so without knowing what to prepare for? We’ve been in the staffing business for a while now, which is why we’re noting down some of the most common questions you should expect in your interview.

  • What do you know about our company? This is one of the most common questions asked, and you better know the answer! If you want to work in a particular company, it is of utmost importance to impress the interviewers, and what better way than to know what the company has been up to!
  • Why’d you quit your previous job? If you want to be the new recruit in this company, you need to answer this question very tactfully, especially if your previous job didn’t end too well. Don’t badmouth your previous boss or employee, as the interviewer will think you can do the same once you quit this company.
  • Where do you see yourself in a few years? Everyone likes someone with a vision. Make sure you show how committed you are to your job, and show them that you’ll stick around. Companies like people that are loyal.

Another important question asked is “tell me about yourself”, which we’ve described how to tackle in our previous article. If you get a job opportunity, make sure you keep these points in mind while getting interviewed; they’ll help you seal the job. Contact a staffing solutions company if you need any more help.