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What to Expect on Your First Day as a Recruiter

First day as a recruiter

So, you have decided to dive into this ambitious career path of helping companies grow and people finding their dream jobs. But do you know what to expect on your first day/year as a recruiter?

In this article, I will be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly truths of being a recruiter.

#1: You’re being watched

As a recruiter from the day you join work your performance is being watched by management including your CEO. Your job is mission critical and relied on by so many. Therefore, remember to put your best foot forward and display integrity, honesty, and respect at all times.

#2: You are bound to make mistakes

It’s normal to make mistakes initially. Just remember to learn from them and implement the feedback given to avoid making the same mistake twice.

#3: Microsoft Excel Skills

If you didn’t already know data-driven recruiting has become a necessity today. So, hone your excel skills to add and monitor reports and other relevant data.

#4: You’ll never forget your first hire.

After guiding the candidate through the whole process and following up with the hiring managers, the most awaited day has finally arrived – offer acceptance. That moment will always be remembered and imprinted in your mind and heart forever.

#5: Rejecting candidates

You may not necessarily remember all the candidates you rejected. But will absolutely hate calling or emailing candidates about not getting through the interview. Always remember to get feedback from hiring managers and share them with the candidate. So, the candidate can work on that particular skill set.

#6: Some hiring managers can be extremely unpredictable

Nobody knows what goes on inside the mind of a hiring manager except for him/her. Partnering with them can sometimes be a nightmare. As a recruiter, you need to keep calm and do your work and not give them a reason to complain about you not getting them the right candidates.

#7: Looking for candidates outside the traditional searches

Recruiters don’t wholly depend on job site alone. They look beyond the traditional searches. Go social, build your personal brand, and share your insights about the industry or company culture. This way you can attract not only active but also passive candidates who initially were not looking for a job change.

#8: Subscribe to recruiting industry news

The recruiting industry keeps evolving and as a recruiter you’ll need to be aware of the industry updates – in and out. Therefore, subscribe to news feeds and commit to lifelong learning.

If you have an entrepreneurial flair and are ambitious you’ll fit perfectly right for a career in recruitment. From having multiple browser tabs open all the time to getting panic attacks when a candidate emails three days after accepting the offer is what defines a recruiter’s work life.

So, what attracted you to pursue a career in recruitment? Do comment below!

Thank you for reading and sharing this post.