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Why Do Insecure Managers Fail to Develop Their People?

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Did you know, it is the insecure manager who calls the office on their day off? They say they are just calling to check if everything is running smoothly but, in fact, they are calling for the need to feel needed. The more people depend on them to help solve a problem, the more ego boost and satisfaction they get.

But building such dependency on employees is the number one reason why employees don’t grow professionally or act independently to solve a routine problem.

[bctt tweet=”Every manager must understand that business must go on even in their absence of leave, transfer or death. Their absence, in fact, should not cripple the company in any way.” username=”myaptask”]

How well the team works in his/her absence proves that the manager has trained their staff professionally well. The team will not only know how to answer questions, face challenges, and solve the problems or situations that arise without the manager getting involved, but also produce information suddenly called for by top management.

But, isn’t solving problems a manager’s job?

Yes and no.

Don’t get me wrong, when your employees approach you with a particular problem or situation hear them out first. Look at them carefully, study the way the employees talks about the issue. Are they frustrated, fearful, angry etc.? After which, you analyze and counsel them on how to tackle the problem.

Don’t get carried away and solve the problem yourself. Make sure the employee who has the problem goes back with the solution and not leave the problem for you to manage.

Otherwise, indirectly, it will mean your staff is managing you. That’s not how you develop your team members.

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Managers must learn to sow seeds of greatness in his team.

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Employees should be able to function properly and solve their routine problems on their own. That’s how you build a strong team and develop them professionally. When you encourage your employees to grow, their self-esteem soars along with their productivity.

[bctt tweet=”A diligent manager always does what has to be done in order to break old limitations, habits and personal fears. He doesn’t underestimate his people but develops them beyond their capabilities.” username=”myaptask”]

Managers have to do a better job managing their time in order to better assist their people.

Controlling your own time is a key element in developing those you manage. For example, at the beginning of the project don’t frighten your team with your high expectations. Instead, give them one task at a time. When they can handle one task then give them another and another. This way the team won’t feel burdened or quit trying to achieve the end goal but take small steps towards reaching it.

This is how you must prepare your people and encourage them to put forth their best effort.

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