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Why you should care about the Hybrid Jobs Trend

Hybrid Jobs Trend

The job market is not the same anymore. No longer do employers stick to the same old ways of sourcing talent. Today, they are seeking people who are master of all trades. Research by Burning Glass Technologies, reveals more about an intriguing new category of jobs. These jobs are “hybrid” or multi-disciplinary in nature.

Such job roles hint at specialists such as – UI designer, Data Scientist, Marketing Manager and Product Manager to name a few. The value of these jobs is growing by leaps and bounds, and they pay 20-40% higher as compared to traditional jobs. So, what are “Hybrid” jobs? And should you care?

Hybrid Job Roles = Where Technology Meets Tradition

Talking about the skills needed for these job positions, candidates need to acquire a mix of both technical and non-technical skills. These can vary in nature or depending upon the company.

For instance, even for traditionally-rooted companies, it is now important for employees to understand social media, analytics, a bit of coding, designing and so on. Think of it this way, a UI-designer has to go beyond designing a user interface and may also have to write content. Similarly, a coder may need to have the skills to understand how to use Big Data to take her programs to the next level.

This mix helps companies get all hands on the deck. The employees too benefit from richer roles. They enhance their soft skills and technical skills. This helps them add value to the organizations, their team, and themselves.

So, what are the key skills that are most likely to form a part of the Hybrid Jobs Trend?

First, hybrid jobs are reflective of the latest technologies and of the prevalent modes of communication that rule the day. Today these include waves like AI and Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data and Analytics, Video Production, Translation, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Industrial Design, Visual Communications, Digital Marketing, and Compliance.  These roles will call for a combination of skills across functional areas and behavior attributes.

LinkedIn has a list of some of the most popular soft and hard skills for 2019. The soft skills that are highly sought-after include persuasion, time management, creativity, collaboration, and adaptability. When organizations hire professionals to fit hybrid job roles, they will take these skills into consideration.

That said, let’s look at some characteristics of these hybrid jobs that make them worthy of your attention.

What are the advantages of Hybrid Jobs?

  • Beat automation – To begin with, hybrid jobs can help you beat off competition from automation. Think of it this way, only a human can fit in the job role that needs high levels of people skills apart from analytical skills. The research by Burning Glass also highlights the fact that while 42% of the traditional jobs can be automated, only 12% of highly hybrid jobs can be automated.
  • Escape layoff cycles – In a predictable cycle, organizations are forced to conduct layoffs as cost-cutting measures. Hybrid jobs condense two or more job roles into one and therefore, they need to hire only one person for addressing a combination of job roles. This means that folks in these roles are less likely to get axed in the next cycle of right-sizing.
  • Increase your chance of getting hired – This one’s a no-brainer. Organizations needn’t search for many individuals for multiple roles if they find someone (it could be you) with a hybrid skill set. This can reduce their hiring time manifold and make you more attractive to hire.
  • Increases exposure across functions – While performing a hybrid role you have the opportunity to span business functions and departments. This increases your exposure and also the opportunity for learning.  
  • Greater career growth and opportunities – With multiple strings to your bow, you can become much more indispensable to your organization. This can put you at the head of the line when it comes to new opportunities, promotions, and raises and rewards.
  • Offer more variety – Let’s admit it. Doing the same tasks over and over again is boring. While donning multiple hats, you can get more variety in your work and also gain more room to grow.

As technology changes the world of business is also evolving. In this dynamic scenario, the hybrid job trend offers professionals a great opportunity to create a secure and rewarding career. By understanding the dynamics of various technical and non-technical job roles, you can build a stronger resume with the perfect combination of skills!