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Digital Footprint

Month: March 2019

Digital Footprint

Creating a Strong Digital Footprint That Will Help You Get Hired

According to an article by Forbes, the traditional resume that we know today will be replaced by your online presence within the next decade. It’s common knowledge that employers, recruiters and even admissions officers in universities and schools do a “background check” on social media. This is to get a better idea of who you … Continued

Takeaways from Linkedin

Our Takeaways from Linkedin’s “Top skills list'”

A report by Accenture stated that skill gap puts $1.97 trillion growth at risk in India. Even the U.S is affected by this issue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. currently has over 7 million unfilled jobs. As we all know, recently LinkedIn analyzed a huge volume of job postings in an … Continued