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Post Interview Etiquette

Month: December 2017

Post Interview Etiquette

Post-Interview Etiquette

Imagine you heard of a job opportunity at your dream company. The interview went well, and you’re sure you aced it. However, you don’t know this for sure. Not until you get a call from the HR department, at least. What do you do till then? How do you get in the good books of … Continued

Employee Feedback

Best Ways To Deliver Employee Feedback

Talent acquisition is one thing, and guiding your recruit in the right direction’s another. The main way to do so is by giving them feedback. You can’t just applaud an employee or drop a bomb on him; there’s a proper way of providing feedback to get the desired results. We’ve jotted down a few ways … Continued

Switching Jobs

When’s The Right Time To Switch Jobs?

Your career is one of the most important things in life. It’s the source of your bread and butter, friends, and where you spend 80% of your day. If you’ve been in the company for even a couple of years now, you’re in your comfort zone; but how much longer should you stick around? There … Continued

Staffing Business Future

The Future Of The Staffing Business

Talent acquisition is one of the most important aspects of running an organization. The better the recruits, the better the company performs. Whether it’s an in-house team or employees are short-listed by a staffing solutions agency, they have to be the right fit for the job. The future of the staffing business, however, seems to … Continued


Benefits Of Diversity In Your Workplace

An organization is a place with many people, each of who are from different backgrounds, roles, and specialties. There are some people who are a master of their trades, and others who are jacks of all!  Whatever type your recruit is, he must be used to his full potential. If you have a diverse workforce, … Continued