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Increase Productivity

Month: May 2018

Increase Productivity

5 Ways To Influence Thinking and Increase Productivity

Did you know, whatever thought is influencing your thinking and perception the most is what you’ll become? In this article, we will be discussing 5 simple ways to influence thinking that, in turn, will help increase your productivity and results. How you feel about a set task in your mind and how you discipline yourself … Continued

first employee

3 Qualities to Look For Before Hiring Your First Employee

As an entrepreneur just starting out, identifying which qualities to look for before hiring your first employee can be a daunting affair. Nevertheless, it’s pretty obvious and goes without saying that you need to look for someone who is smart, energetic with strong work ethics, vision, good communication skills, and integrity. Because years down the … Continued

Broken Hiring Process

Is Your Recruiting Process Broken?

This is a question that all job seekers out there keep asking and wondering to themselves. Is it us or is the recruiting process broken? Applicants today are not only finding it difficult but time-consuming to get placed. They feel like they are getting lost in the ATS’s [Applicant Tracking Systems], keyword searches, etc. [bctt … Continued

3 directions

3 Important Traits to Look for Before Hiring a New Recruit

Are you looking to build a successful company? If yes, then start including these three traits in your hiring practices so that you can build an amazing work culture with the best potential employees. After all, no company can afford a bad hire after spending so much time, energy, and money in hiring. In this … Continued