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Month: March 2018


Key Pointers Recruiters Notice in Your Resume

Making a resume is the first step one takes while starting their career. From the perspective of someone working in talent acquisition, they come across plenty of such resumes daily. It’s because of this that they might not be able to give too much time reading each one, which is why your resume should stand … Continued

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How Can Recruiters Get Most Floated Job Offers Accepted

If you’re in the staffing business, you’ve probably floated a job opportunity quite a few times in your career. It’s accepted many times, but there are times when it gets rejected. Perhaps it’s because of a hasty process or it wasn’t tested properly. If a prospective candidate hesitates accepting your offer during an interview, find … Continued


What Game of Thrones Can Teach the Recruitment Industry

Game of Thrones is arguably one of the most exciting shows to be aired- one where people take holidays to watch a season premiere. But besides all the drama, battles, and intimate scenes, there’s a lot that people in the staffing business can learn from it. We’ve taken the liberty of jotting down what we’re … Continued


How To Effectively Manage Your Time If You’re A Recruiter

As days go by, the workload in each sector will keep increasing; however, one day will still have only 24 hours. In order to finish work on time, one needs to plan his day; time management is the key. Given below are pointers on how those working (especially in the staffing business) can better manage … Continued


3 Mistakes To Stop Making While Getting A New Recruit On Board

To make a mistake is human; no matter how experienced one is, to err is inevitable. Talent acquisition is a field where professionals handle each company’s new recruit, and is one where the margin for error needs to be reduced considerably. Given below are 3 mistakes which those in the staffing business need to stop … Continued


3 Podcasts to Follow if You Are in Recruitment

Today, most working people spend at least 2-3 hours on travelling to and from office, which is quite a chunk of their day. Travelling can be very unproductive, unless there’s something you can do; but what besides music and TV? The answer: Podcasts! There are plenty for each genre; whether it’s politics, history, comedy, health … Continued