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Month: January 2018

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5 Tips For Keeping Your New Job

A company’s decision to hire you is an indication that you have the ability to become a productive and valued employee. As a new employee, your goal is to prove that they made the right hiring decision. Achieving this means – showing up ready to work, taking initiative, enthusiasm, putting in the extra hours (if … Continued


Tips On How To Become A Better Recruiter

Talent acquisition is a tough game. It’s all about understanding people, which we all know isn’t as easy as it sounds. Also, your competitors are looking for the same recruits as you. So why would a prospective candidate come to your firm when he hears of a job opportunity vis-à-vis your competitors? We’ll tell you … Continued

work-life balance

3 Reasons Why Your Employees Might Be Looking To Move On

Teamwork is the key to a company’s success, and when a recruit quits, it naturally disturbs the team; more so when the handover process hasn’t been completed. The cycle of fresh talent acquisition and employees making a move is a regular one, but if you notice this happening more frequently then it should, there’s something … Continued

Right Compensation

How To Calculate Your Worth To Get The Right Compensation

Everyone works to get paid. You earn money, you can fill your stomach and fulfill all your desires. However, many people get less than they deserve in their career… much less. This could be because of desperation to get a job, or a low starting salary, because of which appraisals fail to make a big … Continued

Interview Questions

What Kind Of Questions To Expect In Your Interview

Interviews, as we know, are daunting. It’s the first time in your career you meet your boss-to-be, and want to make a good first impression. To do this, most people prepare for interviews; but how can you do so without knowing what to prepare for? We’ve been in the staffing business for a while now, … Continued

IT Staffing

3 Challenges Faced By IT Recruiters In USA Today

IT is one of the biggest fields globally, and is growing exponentially. This means there’s a constant recruit requirement; however, talent acquisition in this field has plenty of challenges. With technological advancement progressing at god-speed, there are plenty of challenges that HR guys or staffing companies catering to this business face. We’re pointing out a … Continued


How To Tackle The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

Becoming a recruit is a process, and a rather long one at that. It starts with sending your resume to the concerned company or staffing solutions agency, post which you follow-up and fix up an interview. This is when you meet your prospective boss for the first time, and is often a daunting period. No … Continued

Writing a precise job description

How To Ensure Employee Performance Is Up To The Mark

A client always has high expectations. Employees take care of clients. This is possible only when their performance is up to the mark. When an employee is a new recruit, he’s usually on his best behavior and completing tasks on time to get on everyone’s right side. However, as time goes by, people tend to … Continued


Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Resume

Talent acquisition is a difficult field. You meet plenty of prospective recruits, many of who have got through to you via cold calls, while others just send you their resume after finding a job opportunity via staffing companies. Resumes are most often the first interaction between a prospect and company, which is why one needs … Continued