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Why Do Insecure Managers Fail to Develop Their People?

Did you know, it is the insecure manager who calls the office on their day off? They say they are just calling to check if everything is running smoothly but, in fact, they are calling for the need to feel needed. The more people depend on them to help solve a problem, the more ego boost … Continued

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Job Search – Why Can’t I Get Hired?

Today’s job market is tough and not as it’s advertised. You say, ‘I have applied to almost 100 different jobs, why can’t I get hired?’ I can totally understand your dilemma of not getting job interviews. I know what it’s like to be without a job and worse case scenario not knowing what the future … Continued

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Follow Up Interview Email Sample

Are you wondering if you should follow up with the hiring manager or recruiter about the interview you attended last week? Should you call, email, or wait patiently? Well, the answer is yes you should follow up. Call, email, anything will do; you following up is giving the prospective employer the impression that you have … Continued


5 Tips to Hone Your Interview Performance Skills

With competition being so fierce, you need to be at your best while preparing for an interview. No doubt with practice and experience you can walk into an interview with some much-needed confidence, but being respectful, genuine, and aware are some easy tips you can use to hone your interview performance skills. In this article, … Continued

Stand Out To Lead

Career Development – Preparing for a Leadership Role

The ability to find and recognize opportunities when they present themselves is a key skill required in all leaders; and being authentic and honest can help prepare yourself for a leadership role. Conduct yourself the right way and leadership opportunities will definitely come knocking at your door. 3 ways to prepare and present yourself for … Continued

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How Can Recruiters Get Most Floated Job Offers Accepted

If you’re in the staffing business, you’ve probably floated a job opportunity quite a few times in your career. It’s accepted many times, but there are times when it gets rejected. Perhaps it’s because of a hasty process or it wasn’t tested properly. If a prospective candidate hesitates accepting your offer during an interview, find … Continued


3 Mistakes To Stop Making While Getting A New Recruit On Board

To make a mistake is human; no matter how experienced one is, to err is inevitable. Talent acquisition is a field where professionals handle each company’s new recruit, and is one where the margin for error needs to be reduced considerably. Given below are 3 mistakes which those in the staffing business need to stop … Continued


3 Podcasts to Follow if You Are in Recruitment

Today, most working people spend at least 2-3 hours on travelling to and from office, which is quite a chunk of their day. Travelling can be very unproductive, unless there’s something you can do; but what besides music and TV? The answer: Podcasts! There are plenty for each genre; whether it’s politics, history, comedy, health … Continued


Hiring Hacks For Recruiters In The Digital Space

Ever since the “.com” boom, the internet’s become a vital part of business. A prospective recruit can be influenced by staffing companies via websites, videos, and/or social media. However, this needs to be done in the right way in order to get the right people for whatever job opportunity you have. If you’re into talent … Continued


Tips On How To Become A Better Recruiter

Talent acquisition is a tough game. It’s all about understanding people, which we all know isn’t as easy as it sounds. Also, your competitors are looking for the same recruits as you. So why would a prospective candidate come to your firm when he hears of a job opportunity vis-à-vis your competitors? We’ll tell you … Continued

Dream Job

The Ultimate Checklist On Landing Your Dream Job

In the midst of your job search, receiving a call from a recruiter or the hiring company is like that date you’ve been waiting to hear from. As a staffing company we come across thousands of candidates who are looking for jobs, but what makes a few of them stand out from the rest? Read … Continued